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How Many Copies of my Resume do I Need to Have?

Many professionals often have only one resume, but having multiple resumes can be useful depending on the professional’s background. However, there is a big difference between customizing your resume for your employer and creating another resume with the new application. Let’s look at different scenarios where you may need multiple resumes.

Applying for the Same Industry– Applying for a job in the same industry often does not require copying and reformatting your resume multiple times. If you attend a career fair and find a company to apply to, you can customize your cover letter instead. Employers will be impressed with the time and effort you have spent writing the particular document for them.

Applying for a Similar Industry or Role– A “similar” industry or role is an industry that uses some or all of the same skills. Still, it is different from the methods currently used in the industry. For example, a retail store’s clerk, receptionist, and restaurant server work in customer service and use similar skills. If you want to stand out in a similar industry, consider creating another resume focusing on that role instead.

Applying for an Industry Event or Job Fair– It is essential to have an up-to-date resume to apply to various industry events. However, you may need multiple copies of different versions of your resume. We recommend contacting the Resume Creation Service for bulk applying, as job fairs and events will require a professionally written version of your resume and cover letter.

Applying in Other Industries -When applying for a position in another industry, there are some courses and skills that you need to consider that are suitable for your new job. Some positions may require a different format or resume (CV).  

Applying for an Industry-Specific Position– Are you looking at the talent development position of a media company? Have you already worked directly in this position? To step into the door, you may need to prepare your resume for a unique role in the industry. For example, if you have marketing or sales experience, you can apply for another position, such as human resource executive, to gain experience in the human resources development department.

Applying for Multiple Roles in the Industry– It’s always a good idea to have a Jack or Jill of All Trade resume that fits almost every situation. Many jobs love diversity, adaptability, and a wide range of skills, so cluttering your resume with all the skills you need for this position can be rewarding. Be sure to mention transferable skills that make you more attractive to your employer and potential recruitment candidate due to your resume.

Sign up for the Online Job Portal– When you create a new profile on the Online Job Portal website, you may have noticed that you cannot upload multiple resumes to your profile. You can add another resume to the job you’re aiming for, but that single resume included in your profile may not appeal to the employer you’re looking for. In this situation, you have to rely on your strengths. Evaluate and prioritize the types of employers you want to attract on job boards and social media. If you are planning marketing, please upload only one marketing resume.

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