Benefits of Choosing an Online Job Portal and How to Get the Best Job Opportunity in Dubai?

There are tons of opportunities out there but, not all of them are available to you when you search online. To take advantage of the best opportunity, you need to look for the best job portal in Dubai that helps you know all the possibilities at once. If your struggle is never-ending then, why don’t you look for something online? Here are a few reasons that will help you make an informed decision.


Top Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency in UAE

A recruitment agency’s primary goal is to assist people looking for a job in finding the best opportunities while also helping employers in finding the ideal candidate for open positions.

Unfortunately, few people are aware of the several other advantages of employing a recruitment agency.

Partnering with a recruitment agency UAE or in any other country can not only benefit your employees who are tasked with the hiring process, but it can also benefit your firm as a whole.

Here are the top benefits to look forward to if you choose to work with a recruitment agency

1. The Hiring Process is Much Faster

The time it takes to fill the available positions at your firm will be cut in half if you use a recruitment firm. They will also find candidates far more quickly than you can. 

They will have a large talent pool in their database and a network of relationships to tap into, along with access to high-tech technologies that enable them to find candidates with the proper abilities the position requires. This implies that only the people who meet the criteria will be submitted to you for review.

2. Better Quality Prospects

Working with a recruitment agency improves your chances of meeting with top applicants. The agency will have access to a big talent pool of applicants who have been screened. This way, you will only meet with people who have already been thoroughly vetted and evaluated.

The recruitment agency works with prospects daily and is an expert at interviewing because they use the best practice techniques. 

3. Enhanced Knowledge of Recruiting 

Your in-house recruitment team may need to perform difficult interviews for unfamiliar positions as your company expands and changes.

Staff at a recruitment agency are trained to recruit for any specific industry. They will better understand technical roles and the skills required to perform them. They can also detect transferable skills that others may overlook. 

4. A Wide Reach 

Not every top prospect is looking for a new position actively.

Such applicants are known as ‘passive talent’ and may take longer to identify. 

The ideal agency is likely to know who those people are, how to contact them, and, more importantly, how to incentivise them to switch jobs. 

5. In-Depth and Expert Understanding of the Market 

The ideal recruitment agency learns a lot about their industry via their experience and conversations with clients and candidates. They can offer you helpful information and the best guidance, which is an essential aspect of their profession.

They can offer you vital information such as compensation rates, accessible skill sets, career aspirations, current hiring complications, and even market trends that you might not have been aware of otherwise. 

The above-mentioned benefits will help you understand the benefits of working with a recruitment agency. If you are a job seeker or looking for the right candidate for an open position, contact us now.


04 Tips For Choosing the Best Job Portals in Dubai!

Looking for the right job can get tedious, especially when there are thousands of Dubai job portals out there! We all know that not all job portals are helpful, and to find the best one, here are a few tips that you should know!


Benefits of Applying for a Job on Online Job Finders

Dubai City is one of the most popular destinations for expats. The city has a modern lifestyle with all the amenities that you might need. There are tons of opportunities but not a lot of ways to reach out. If you are looking to move there and can’t find job opportunities, job advisors can help as  hiring in Dubai happens all the time. With us you can reach the demand in no time!


Ways to Get Jobs in UAE

Workplace trends have been changing rapidly across countries like the UAE, especially in the wake of the ongoing pandemic. One of the most recent employment trends here is an interest in workplace benefits, apart from the usual keenness for better pay. Some of the industry sectors which can be seen asking about these on the best job portal in UAE are energy, intelligent services, infrastructure, hardware, software, and telecommunications.  Candidates are making better attempts to impress interviewers, with video resumes now visible.   

What are Video Resumes?

As the name sounds, these are well-edited videos recorded by candidates in their voices and showing their faces, describing the components of their resume concisely. For a recruiter who visits the best job portal in UAE, it becomes easier to understand a candidate’s skills and future potential. Professional agencies are also available to make these resumes highly professional.

Here are some points that should be followed as tips while creating videos for such resumes:

  1. A professional demeanor, akin to what one will show in front of the interviewee, must be shown. It means is that proper grooming and dressing up in formals would give a positive impression.  
  2. There should be no distracting noises within the background of the video
  3. It would be beneficial to follow a script here instead of improvising on the spot
  4. Keep the viewers in mind while preparing the script. For instance, a video made for a job opening at a bank will not be the same as one made for a startup.
  5. You can use Graphics to display essential components when a job involves statistics

Remaining Updated is the Key to Job Growth

Considering advancements in the field of Data Analytics and AI, it is essential for candidates in every field to constantly update themselves with the latest skills. Individuals need to network with others in their areas, so LinkedIn plays a critical role. As the world becomes more digital, individuals must update their LinkedIn profiles, which one can view from anywhere globally through networking. A profile that remains static will not invite recruiters even if the candidate is adequately qualified.

Even if individuals are qualified for the advertised posts, their profiles will not attract companies if they remain static. The epidemic has turned the globe into a work-at-home environment. According to the latest job trends, temporary jobs have become the rage in the UAE since the demand for short-term opportunities has been rising during the global pandemic. According to recruiters and HR consultants, temporary positions, often known as temping, are not unique to the UAE and are symptomatic of a worldwide phenomenon. This is visible as the employment market looks for ways to align with the times.

Choose a Reputed Website

Several websites allow individuals to get jobs in the UAE, so care must be taken to get enrolled with the reputed ones. More information on these can be obtained through personal references.


How Many Copies of my Resume do I Need to Have?

Many professionals often have only one resume, but having multiple resumes can be useful depending on the professional’s background. However, there is a big difference between customizing your resume for your employer and creating another resume with the new application. Let’s look at different scenarios where you may need multiple resumes.

Applying for the Same Industry– Applying for a job in the same industry often does not require copying and reformatting your resume multiple times. If you attend a career fair and find a company to apply to, you can customize your cover letter instead. Employers will be impressed with the time and effort you have spent writing the particular document for them.

Applying for a Similar Industry or Role– A “similar” industry or role is an industry that uses some or all of the same skills. Still, it is different from the methods currently used in the industry. For example, a retail store’s clerk, receptionist, and restaurant server work in customer service and use similar skills. If you want to stand out in a similar industry, consider creating another resume focusing on that role instead.

Applying for an Industry Event or Job Fair– It is essential to have an up-to-date resume to apply to various industry events. However, you may need multiple copies of different versions of your resume. We recommend contacting the Resume Creation Service for bulk applying, as job fairs and events will require a professionally written version of your resume and cover letter.

Applying in Other Industries -When applying for a position in another industry, there are some courses and skills that you need to consider that are suitable for your new job. Some positions may require a different format or resume (CV).  

Applying for an Industry-Specific Position– Are you looking at the talent development position of a media company? Have you already worked directly in this position? To step into the door, you may need to prepare your resume for a unique role in the industry. For example, if you have marketing or sales experience, you can apply for another position, such as human resource executive, to gain experience in the human resources development department.

Applying for Multiple Roles in the Industry– It’s always a good idea to have a Jack or Jill of All Trade resume that fits almost every situation. Many jobs love diversity, adaptability, and a wide range of skills, so cluttering your resume with all the skills you need for this position can be rewarding. Be sure to mention transferable skills that make you more attractive to your employer and potential recruitment candidate due to your resume.

Sign up for the Online Job Portal– When you create a new profile on the Online Job Portal website, you may have noticed that you cannot upload multiple resumes to your profile. You can add another resume to the job you’re aiming for, but that single resume included in your profile may not appeal to the employer you’re looking for. In this situation, you have to rely on your strengths. Evaluate and prioritize the types of employers you want to attract on job boards and social media. If you are planning marketing, please upload only one marketing resume.

There are still many ways to apply for other jobs in various industries, especially if you are applying in Dubai. Dubai job hiring happening through us can get you enormous attractive opportunities via your resume and video on our portal.